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killdit.® is a New Jersey-based apparel company founded in 2014 by cousins Chris Panlilio and Jon Panlilio. The initial idea was to brand and repurpose a commonly used term to build a positive community that lives their passion every single day. killdit. started off by distributing free wristbands at events across the United States, eventually turning to apparel as an outlet to spread their message.

Thanks to a loyal following who embraces the brand’s ideology to “seize every opportunity, own every situation” and a growing number of supporters, killdit. launched a successful kickstarter campaign in which they nearly tripled their original goal. killdit. released their first full collection in early 2016 and have ongoing partnerships and upcoming collaborations within the music and fitness industries.

Chris Panlilio found his passions in the arts, dance, and cars. He received his Bachelors in Graphic Design and specialized in Branding. After working for multiple creative agencies, he was inspired to create killdit. as a way to share his philosophy of doing what you love.

Jon Panlilio found his passions in music, fashion, and business. He received his Bachelors in Business and specialized in Analytics. After working for several Fortune 100 companies, he co-founded killdit. believing it would be a great medium to promote a collaborative and positive lifestyle.

Mike Wilches found his passions in health, fitness, and books. He received his Bachelors in Nursing and competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions throughout the tri-state area. After becoming deeply involved with the fitness community, he was inspired to help create killdit. active as a daily reminder to stay motivated and live a balanced lifestyle.

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